International Conference on Emerging Digital Library Platforms: Shaping Digital Transformation and National Data Exchange In association with Sarada Ranganathan Endowment for Library Science The Digital Information Research Foundation andInformatics India Ltd, Bangalore August 9-12, 2022, Bangalore, India

About the Conference

The Documentation Research and Training Centre, Bangalore (an education and research section of the Indian Statistical Institute at Bangalore Centre) in collaboration with Digital Information Research Laboratories is organizing an International Conference on Emerging Digital Library Platforms: Shaping Digital Transformation and National Data Exchange (ICEDLP) from 9-12 August 2022. The conference is being organised to commemorate two important events Platinum Jubilee of India’s Independence and also Celebrating the 130th Birth Anniversary of Dr S.R.Ranganathan, regarded as the father of the Library Movement in India.

The conference theme and sub-themes are well set to embrace aspects of ‘Digital Transformation’ in various education, research and administrative sectors that augment the concept of “Digital India” proclaimed by the Government of India in 2019.

The education and learning impact would be to enhance the use of ICT and digital platforms to support teaching and learning in Higher Educational Institutions (HIEs). During the Covid-19 pandemic, the entire education sector from schools to universities had been reset to e-learning and the conference would be able to address this issue with contributions from ICT and educational experts. Teaching and learning would be one of the key platforms to assess the digital transformation and will be able to find areas of improvement in this context.

The platforms of e-Governance are making an impact on citizen-centric services. However, due to the digital divide gap in the population of India, the facilities and services are not benefitting the people, especially in rural areas, comprehensively. It is one of the emerging digital platforms gradually covering all segments of society. The study and analysis of the utilisation of the e-Governance services and facilities have not been assessed so far. The conference would propose to include the same for education, learning and research in the curriculum of social sciences, ICT and Library and Information Science.

DRTC was established in 1962 as a constituent unit of the Indian Statistical Institute. On the invitation of Prof. P. C. Mahalanobis, Dr. S.R. Ranganathan (1892-1972) (then National Research Professor in Library Science) started DRTC in Bangalore. Since its inception, DRTC has been considered a pioneer in Library and Information Science. To make the mark on the Occasion of the 75th anniversary of Independence of India and 60th Anniversary Celebrations of the Documentation Research and Training Center, (1962-2022), Indian Statistical Institute, and the 130th Anniversary of Dr. S.R. Ranganathan, (1892-1972) The Father of Indian Library Movement, Announces an International Conference on Emerging Digital Library Platforms: Shaping Digital Transformation and National Data Exchange, Aug. 9-12, 2022 (ICEDLP). The conference aims to deliberate on developments and innovations in library and information science. It is also aimed at adapting to the journey of libraries using traditional knowledge organizing and management systems and classic systems. Renowned International Experts will deliver keynotes, and lectures, give demonstrations, and interact with the delegates. To explore cutting-edge technologies and techniques from advanced areas such as Classification, Cataloguing, Information Retrieval, Semantic Web, and Data and Data Science. Metadata, Semantic Web, Linked Data, Data Exchange, Ontology & Knowledge Organization, Big Data, Open Source, Open Access, Digital Libraries Digitization and Digital Preservation Web-Based Library Services, social media. As a result, academic libraries are rethinking their strategies and services to meet the challenges of the digital world and the demands of the “born digital” generation. Libraries, in particular, are confronting these challenges as the nature of scientific practice is being dramatically transformed by information technologies.


The major objectives of this conference are:

  • To bring together library professionals and researchers from India and abroad to exchange their innovative ideas, new initiatives, experiences, research work, best practices etc.

  • To share and discuss different sets of library services offered to support the academic and research work at the parent institutions.

  • To learn innovative management strategies, tools & technologies used to create and deliver digital platform services.

  • To discuss current issues, recent developments and their impact, and future challenges to prepare science and technology libraries for the future.

Target Audience:

Library Professional from Science & Technology Institutions, Research Organizations and Industries.

Publishers, Information intermediates and vendors.

Information technology managers, educationalists, policy makers and others interested in the theme of the conference.

Chief Patrons

Prof. Sanghamithra Bandopadhyay

Director, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata

Prof. CRE Raja

Head, Indian Statistical Institute, Bengaluru

Conference Chair

Prof. M Krishnamurthy



Platinum Jubilee Auditorium, Indian Statistical Institute, Mysore Road, RVCE Post. Bengaluru - 560 059 India

Important Dates

Deadline for submitting paper: June 30, 2022

Deadline for notifying acceptance: July 10, 2022

Early bird registration ends June 30, 2022

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