Call for Papers


Papers are invited concerning theory, architectures, data models, tools, and services, infrastructures in and around Digital Library framework about the following topics (but not limited to):

1. Digital Libraries: System Focused

· Knowledge Discovery and Representation in Digital Libraries

· Digital archiving and preservation

· AI / Machine Learning/ Data mining for DLs

· Digital humanities and heritage

· Semantic Web Technologies and Linked Data for DLs

2. Digital Libraries: User and Service Centric

· Infrastructure and service design

· Web and Mobile Enabled Library Services, Social Media

· Quality and evaluation of digital libraries

· Ontology & Knowledge Organization

· Extract transform and load (ETL) process service as by library

Health Informatics


3. Digital Libraries: Metadata, Search & Retrieval

· Metadata (management, curation, integration)

· Navigational and exploratory search § SCORM (Sharable Content object reference model)

· Extracting semantics, entities, and patterns from large collections

· Data curation and stewardship

· Linked data and it’s applications

4. Digital Open Data: Open Science

· Research Data Management (RDM) - Data Repositories and Archives

· FAIR & Research Data Management (RDM)

· Big Data & Data Analytics-

· Data Exchange & Interoperability

· Open Source and Open Access

· Data Science (contribution of Library professionals)

5. Open Data & Open Science: Models, Practices, Mandates, and Policies

· New Models for Open Access publications

· Open Education Platforms & Resources – Swayam/MOOCS/MOODLE/VLE

· Learning Management System - Learning Service Platform (LSP)

· Ontological Tools- Protégé, Owl language and RDF metadata standards.

· Open IoT technologies, React, polymer template, webpack

6. Social Media and Libraries

· Socializing Library Services/Social media applications

· Social media, community building, and applications

· Social and Human Elements of Information Security

· Analyzing Social Media Networks

· Social Sharing/Social Networking Services /Idea Generation/Mobile Based Services

· Media and Society

Authors are requested to submit their papers

Format of Manuscript

Author(s) are requested to use following format:

  1. All papers should be typed on Microsoft Word-version.

  2. Paper size should be A4, Portrait of size 8.5" x 11" with Margins: 1" (top & bottom); 1.5"(left & right)

  3. All text should be typed in Arial or Times New Roman Font with size 12 and single-spaced.

  4. Headings and subheadings must be in Bold font, left justified and numbered according to Level of heading as below: 1. First Level Heading 1.1 Second Level Heading 1.1.1 Third Level Heading.

  5. Header & Footer of font size 8.

  6. Use double space after the headings, before starting the next paragraph.

  7. Page Break can be given to give a logical end to a page.

  8. The main title of your paper must not exceed 50 characters. This includes letters, spaces and punctuation.

  9. Title should be followed by name, affiliation and address of the Author(s).

  10. An abstract of length not more than 250 words should be supplied.

  11. Few keywords must be given after the abstract.

  12. Size of the paper to be kept within 5000 words.

  13. Illustrations such as photographs, charts, graphs, drawings, and diagrams should be labeled, so that they correspond with their mention in the text (e.g. Table-1, Figure-2, Diagram-3).

Guidelines for References:

For a book

LAST NAME (Other part). Title of the book. Vol No. Year. Edition. Publisher; Place. Pagination.

For a contribution to a composite book

LAST NAME (Other part). Title of the contribution. In : LAST NAME (Other part), Ed. Title of the book. Vol No. Year. Edition. Publisher; Place. Pagination.

For a journal article

LAST NAME (Other part). Title. Journal Name. Volume, Issue; Year, Month. Pagination.

For a contribution to a conference

LAST NAME (Other part). Title of the contribution. Title of the Conference, Number. Name and address of the organizing agency, Place of Conference, Month Date, Year. Publisher ; Place of Publication. Year. Pagination.

For a Web Document

LAST NAME (Other part). Title of the document. Uniform Resource Locator. (Date of Hosting/ Updation). (Visited on: Date of Search)


Submission System

The submission system is available at

Important Dates

Deadline for submitting paper: June 30, 2022

Deadline for notifying acceptance: July 10, 2022