Institutional Strategies for Open Science

Dr. J K Vijayakumar

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Professionally trained librarian with 25 years of international leadership experience from the Western, Middle Eastern and Asian academic and research institutions. Active in professional networks as member of IATUL Board of Directors, member of IFLA ACD & ARL standing committee, OA2020 initiative etc. Expertise developed in the areas of library management, collections, open access, scholarly publication, research impact, research support, instructions etc.

Digital Library platform

Dr Gopakumar V

Head, Knowledge Centre & Library, Digital University Kerala

Customer Connect in Digital Environment: Enhancing UE to ux

Dr. Nagappa Bakkannanavar

Tata Consultancy Services

Corporate Librarian with rich experience in Literature Search, Information Analysis and Repackaging, Information Marketing and Information Systems, Customer Management, Information Management, Content Management, Knowledge Management, People Management, Events Management, Community Service, etc.

High premium on providing Business and Technical Information support.

Specialties: Information Marketing, Information Analsis, Information repackaging, Information Systems, Soft Skills Trainer, etc.

Social Worker by Passion.

Management of Research Data

Dr. Jayakanth Francis

Scientific Officer, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru